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09 février 2016


   David Bowie died of cancer on Monday January 11th 2016 at 69 years old.

   David Bowie, whose real name was David Jones was born on January 8th 1947 in South London. He became famous in 1969 thanks to his song
Space Oddity.

   He created new personae such as Ziggy Stardust and The Thin White Duke. He became a star with them. He often changed style and stood out as a very original musical artist.

  In parallel of his singer’s career, he played in some movies such as  The Hunger  or The Man who fell to Earth .

He freed rock’n roll from stereotypes of gender and identity. He unlocked the mind of millions. He wrote world-famous songs such as Let’s dance or   Changes. He had a wife, Iman with whom he had a daughter: Alexandria. He also had a son, Duncan Jones. He fought cancer for 18 months but at the end he finally lost his battle. We miss him already.

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Héléna (3ème5)



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12 janvier 2016

A DAY TRIP TO PERONNE!112&authkey=!AKmmRke4NTiXqfI&ithint=file%2cdocx

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01 décembre 2015

A report about the attacks on Paris

Pupils from Montaigne ask and answer questions about the terrorist attacks that took place on November 13th,2015
They speak about their feelings and reactions!106&authkey=!AOadoUxn9f4HzH0&ithint=file%2cm4a

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22 novembre 2015

Bonjour à tous,

je profite de cet instant pour ouvrir officiellement le blog de la classe média du collège Montaigne (75006, Paris). Vous pourrez suivre les travaux des élèves de troisième dans de nombreuses disciplines. Ils y posteront leurs articles, leurs reportages, leurs interviews ou leurs diaporamas. Ils réagiront, commenteront l'actualité et ils mettront leurs billets d'humeur.

Bonne lecture à tous et à bientôt sur le blog.

Les rédacteurs.


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